Thursday, 14 November 2013

Competition time coming!!

Hey everybody (well there were 8 followers at last count), i have some news that i think you will find quite exciting!! I will be writing a post over the weekend on my facebook page, inviting people to follow my now almost, possibly infamous blog. Well that's not particularly exciting, so i (well ok my friend Chris Hibbert) thought how do we get people to follow me on a blog........................ FREEBIES!! So when I reach 75 followers i will be giving away a rather cool, limited miniature, that many of you have probably seen doing the rounds on facebook.

Over the weekend I will also be writing a tutorial on how i painted Nagrus'z skin and then i will post the facebook message.

Night all and Happy Painting!!


  1. How about an intro / bio? Seems like the obligatory way to kick off a fresh new blog.

  2. You know kelly i think youre right. Watch this space!!

  3. Followed....I came lured by the mini, but I will stay for the posts! :) Good luck buddy.

    1. Thanks Peter, i hope to make it a blog that painters of all levels of expertise can take something away from this awesome hobby!!