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OK so who am I? i am probably a lot like you and if I am not please don't take offence to the suggestion I am. I am a geek, a nerd, a football fan, a punk and I'm inked. I have always loved art but never really liked miniatures when I was younger as I was too busy surfing, I'm from Cornwall in England. Check out Newquay beach if you have no idea what I'm talking about. I served in the army for six years, I've travelled the world and climbed MontBlanc and along the way made many bad decisions. However, here I am at 42, although I'm told I don't look it, my taste in music gives it away, GBH, Sex Pistols, Misfits, UK Subs and many more. I love going to gigs and stirring up the mosh pit, yes even at my age when i should be at home with a book and a cuppa. My other loves are reading and painting miniatures.

I only got into the hobby about 6 years ago and although I have never played wargames I enjoy painting miniatures. My passion is to become the best painter I can be and to become part of the painting commnunity. I have won some minor, regional competitions and I have made the finals of the last six GDUK's in a row. However, it is only in this last year that I have developed relationships with so many cool and friendly artists that I believe my understanding and knowledge has increased and along with it my painting has progressed to a new level.

I can only thank people like Camelson,Loler, Bohun, Kelly, Shane and the big fella himself John Harrison of The Weekend Workshop fame. I believe in the camaraderie that is evident within our wonderful hobby and I hope my blog will become something that people enjoy visiting and reading. In 2014 I intend on going to as many shows as possible and immerse myself in this hobby as much as I can. HAPPY PAINTING!!!


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